Best types of locks for windows and doors

Best locks for your entrance doors

It’s never too late to think about security and to address the actual state and security of your door locks. Remember door locks age as well and new burglar methods can expose them, so let’s get to see some of the Best types of locks for windows and doors according to locksmiths and home security associations.

1. Standard cylinder locks ( Diamond approved anti-snap)

This is the standard lock most entrance doors have, however there is a huge difference between the qualities of cylinder locks. We suggest you get a diamond approved (ss312) standard cylinder lock which helps preventing lock snapping, which is one of the most popular break-in methods of burglars and it doesn’t even need any additional tools or knowledge. As most locks are the so called euro-cylinder (uPVC), we suggest you get your lock checked and updated to an anti-snap diamond approved cylinder lock.


2. Mul-t-lock cylinders

These are the more complex variation of a standard or uPVC cylinder locks and they are currently considered being the safest locks out there. With this lock, the cuts of the keys are located on the flat side of the key and not on the edge. While this also means that these locks require a specialised handling especially when it comes to duplicating a key they add an additional security by providing you with a specific registration card and a unique ID which you need to present if you want to duplicate your keys.

3. Deadbolt

Deadbolts are one of the most commonly used safety locks especially in the US where this type of lock is considered the most secure option. Deadbolts work by having a lock on the outside while having a turn or a button on the inside. This makes them easy to open up from the inside (single cylinder) while the double cylinder version has locks on both the inside and outside. Double cylinder however requires an extra attention as it needs key to open it up also from the inside and this can be dangerous especially during an emergency situation when getting out would be essential.

4. Entry Handle and Locksets

Entry handle and locksets can be used for both the doors and for the windows (especially the entry handle that can also prove to be a good solution for French doors. The locksets come with a doorknob that can be turned to open a door, therefore they come with a deadbolt.

5. Mortise locks

These are the classic locks which work with classic winged keys and they are pretty secure as there is no easy way to take them out within a short time. The set itself is a rectangular box fitted in a recess, has 2 faceplates and a proper keyhole. The lock can be operated normally or in the form of being a deadbolt.

6. Keyless locks

These include all the SmartKey technology lock which need a touchpad a numeric code for someone to enter. As many of these can be operated by specific smartphone features, they are getting more and more popular.