Protecting your home while you are on holiday

5 sure tips on how to protect your home while you are away

There are tons of reasons of why we travel: this can be because of work, because of leisure or it simply only happens once in a year when you decide to leave for your well-deserved summer holidays and you plan to be away for at least 3-4 weeks’ time. But what security measures should you keep to protect your home while it’s empty? Let’s get to find out from our presentation of the best 5 tips to protect your home while being on holiday.

1.) Ask a certified locksmith to check your home and make sure it’s safe.

Locks do get old, used and outdated too and therefore they will need either a service or a replacement, especially when they will be specifically installed to withstand possible storms from the burglars in your area. There are two key things to know about locks: first of all there is no lock which cannot be broken but the good locks will need lots of time to be opened up. Therefore burglary will not attempt to open them up, because if a burglar cannot get in within a minute, they will leave.

A professional locksmith will instantly tell you what locks you should use on your doors and windows, will show you the most vulnerable places of entering in your home and the means to protect this from happening. Doors such as French doors, which are basically large windows with handles and locks are particularly vulnerable to any outside threats.

2.) Make sure only those people know of your leaving who your trust

We now for a while now that all the apps, especially on Facebook where people can check-in to places for everyone to see where they are can prove to be particularly dangerous for several reasons. One of these reasons is the danger of being robbed while being on holidays. Therefore let’s take care and only post photos after we return home from holidays.

3.) Make sure everything is really safely locked when you leave your home

This is a golden rule which should be applied every day but it’s particularly important when you are going away for more than a few hours. A surprising number of people would leave their doors or windows open, especially if they leave their pets at home.

4.) Forget about hidden spare keys around the entrance area

Burglars know where the best spots are and are likely to find these, so it’s best not even attempting to leave keys around the entrance area.

5.) Don’t leave doors open for pets, not even dog or cat doors

If you have pets, either get someone to actually stay there with them or take them to a friend, a relative or if no other way, to a trusted pet hotel. Pets can make a home very vulnerable and also it’s bad to leave them alone for a longer amount of time (unless you have someone to check them daily).