Securing your garage/shed/outbuildings

Easy ways to protect your garage

When it comes to general home protection there are areas which we tend not to pay as much attention as we should and this very often includes the garage. This is a major mistake many home owners commit therefore we thought to give you 5 easy ways you can make sure that you do in securing your garage.

Garage is one of the most vulnerable places which burglars often use to their advantage. The most prominent mistakes include the following:

- Leaving the garage door open – not making sure the garage door is properly locked and not only closed is a pretty general mistake which makes garage one of the key places burglars enter in your home.

- Leaving the door which leads from the garage to the house unprotected – why should we close the door which leads from the garage to the house? Well, there are several reasons, one of which is, that this is a door burglars can also happily use to enter in your home if they can open up the garage door.

- Leaving one window of the garage open or not locking it – we tend to pay much less attention to service windows and it’s a big mistake. Even if the window does not give enough place for someone to push themselves through, they could still find ways to activate the garage door opener and that way, they can enter in the garage.


  • Always make sure that the closed garage door cannot be manipulated from the outside to open up easily.
  • Check all the windows and see that they are closed and locked when you are not staying inside the garage or in the area. In case you leave it open, only do so, if this will absolutely not give any space or possibility for any intruder to work with it.
  • Use an extra padlock to secure the garage doors. Padlocks are a very good way to close down our garage and shed doors in case the door is strong enough to withstand any forced actions.
  • Don’t leave remove switches inside the car neither should the garage opened be easily accessible from the outside. Cover the button with something so that it cannot be manipulated to open with anything from the outside.
  • Make sure the garage windows are covered and no one can see anything from the outside.
  • Check if the handle lock on the window is strong enough to withstand any crowbar or other forced attached. Applying an extra padlock or grills on this window is a good idea as well
  • Lock the door which leads from home to the garage or make it a deadbolt which cannot simply be opened from the other side.

Locksmith services in Manchester can help you tons in giving you advice, installing the locks you need and by telling you which areas need the highest protection. Locksmith can also help you in making the whole garden or backyard area more protected. This also includes sheds and other outbuildings which could compromise the security of your home if they are left unprotected.