Recycle With Michael!

We provide a dedicated clothing recycling scheme for schoolchildren featuring fun kids recycling champion, Michael.

Over 5% of the UK's total annual carbon footprint and water usage result from clothing consumption. We must do better!

Primary Schools

Recycle With Michael!

A fun new way of recycling whilst raising money for your school and The Salvation Army.

Our new Recycle with Michael scheme is designed to be fun and informative for primary school aged children. We can provide a colourful clothing bank featuring Michael for placement on school property, as well as supply branded bags for children to take home and fill up with their donations. All they need to do is bring them back to school, pop them in the bank and we’ll do the rest.

When the bank is full our local collectors will come to empty it and we can provide feedback on the weight of donations received. The school will then be rewarded with an amount of money dependent on the weight of donations as a thank you from SATCoL. This may be spent on new school equipment or in the local community … it’s completely up to the school.

The textiles we receive will be reused or recycled wherever possible, with profit from the sale of the donations being gift-aided to The Salvation Army.

Benefits for schools:
•    Free educational materials provided including poster, information pack and DVD featuring Gary Lineker and Chris Tarrant
•    Chance to earn rewards for school as well as raise money for charity
•    Free press office support to help profile your school’s activities in the local media
•    Feedback on the amount of textiles collected made available to the school and local authority

To see how our work with Manchester City Council has encouraged children across the city to recycle with Michael, click here.

For further details on the Recycle With Michael scheme, please contact Vicki Dunlop by emailing

Recycle With Michael Newsletter
Issue 5 May 2015

Participating schools

For schools currently participating in Recycle With Michael, we’ve now made our template press releases available to download:

Press release
to publicise the introduction of the scheme
Press release to publicise the scheme’s success and the school’s reward


Macclesfield Primary School Recycles 823 Kilos of Unwanted Clothing for Charity

Pupils, their families and staff at St Alban’s Catholic Primary School in Macclesfield have turned their unwanted clothes, shoes and textile items into valuable funds for their school and The Salvation Army.

As part of a Recycling Day organised by the school’s Junior Recycling Officers, the school teamed up with Salvation Army Trading Company Ltd (SATCoL) to participate in its dedicated scheme for schools, Recycle With Michael.

Christine Milburn, Recycling Officer Coordinator at the school, commented: “In the week leading up to the Recycling Day we gave each pupil a Recycle With Michael collection bag to take home and fill up with any unwanted clothes. In just a single day we managed to collect over 800 kilos!”

On the afternoon of the Recycling Day the school held a special fashion show, displaying highly creative items of clothing made by pupils during the morning from recycled materials, including dresses, hats, shoes and bags. Lucinda Hodges, Waste Education Officer for Cheshire East Council and Nick Price, SATCoL Area Representative, were on hand to support the children’s recycling efforts.

With a colourful new clothes bank branded with the fun kid’s recycling champion, Michael, installed at its gates, the school will continue to participate in the Recycle With Michael scheme and is encouraging pupils, families and the local community to carry on donating their unwanted clothes and textiles. Local collectors from SATCoL will regularly pick up the donations and the school will be rewarded with an amount of money to spend on its own projects, dependent on the weight of donations.

Profit from the sale of donated clothing also contributes to the valuable social welfare work of The Salvation Army, including homelessness and addiction services, care for older people, help at emergency incidents, support for adult victims of human trafficking in England and Wales, a Family Tracing Service and much, much more.

Teresa Cooke, Headteacher, said: “We’re delighted to be working with SATCoL to highlight to pupils the importance of caring for the environment and stopping textiles being sent to landfill. The children and their families are really engaged with the scheme and we’re planning to use the money raised from our Recycling Day to buy materials for a pop-up ‘Grow Your Own’ event for pupils. We’ll need plenty of seeds, soil and flower pots and we’d also like to buy some composting bins.”

SATCoL Area Representative, Nick Price, said: “It’s great to see staff, pupils and their families really embracing our Recycle With Michael scheme. By donating good quality clothes and shoes to us, everyone at St Alban’s is helping to extend the life of these items, making sure they are re-used rather than going to landfill. We hope the clothing bank will continue to thrive, providing the school with a way to support The Salvation Army while raising funds for its own eco projects.”

If your school is interested in taking part, please contact Vicki Dunlop on 01933 441807 or for more information.

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